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#31 Days of Dares

Posted 5 years ago by V4Vibe


Every day in December we are going to have a new DARE! for you to complete. Each DARE! will be posted at Noon (EST), if you’ve missed a DARE! don’t worry you can go back and complete any you’ve missed, just be sure to include which DARE! you’ve completed. All DARES DONE! must be replied to this posting. We’ll be posting some of the best DARES DONE! on our:

DARE! No. 1
Rabbit rabbit folks
31 Days of Dare has begun.

Today’s DARE!: in honor of World Aids Day, post a picture of yourself kissing someone of the same sex.

DARES DONE!: vibe://?p=CffOZJBSC89

DARE! No. 2:
Advent begins
Typically celebrated by fasting until Christmas.
Vibers, I dare you to give up your favorite food til X-mas.
What is that favorite food?

DARES DONE!: vibe://?p=sVsML9tua65

DARE! No. 3
Get in the Christmas spirit!
Post an audio recording of you, singing a Christmas Carol.

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